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A Strong Step Forward in Networking

We're excited to share news of a significant update to Fey-Gate that marks a substantial improvement in our platform's networking capabilities. Recognizing the challenges our community faced with the previous peer-to-peer system, we've implemented a server-based networking approach to enhance reliability and performance for all users.

Embracing Socket.io for Enhanced Performance

One of the cornerstone changes in this update is our transition to the Socket.io library. This move not only boosts Fey-Gate's performance but also simplifies future enhancements thanks to cleaner, more maintainable code. Our goal was not just to fix the networking issues but to lay a foundation for smoother, more reliable gameplay moving forward.

Streamlined Connections and Automatic Reconnects

We understand the frustration that came with the old system—especially the need to refresh pages in a specific sequence to maintain connections. With the latest update, these issues are a thing of the past. Players can now connect in any order without worrying about network stability, and automatic reconnects will handle any temporary disruptions.

What This Means for You

Web-Version Users: The update is seamless, with no action required. Just log in as usual and enjoy the improved experience.

Download Version Users: Sadly the changes we made are breaking changes so you have to download the newest version form the download section to connect to other players

Looking Ahead: Image Handling Improvements

With the networking overhaul now in place, our next focus will be on optimizing image handling. By exploring better encoding methods, we aim to further improve both performance and user experience on Fey-Gate.

Feedback from Our Testers

Some dedicated members of the community have provided positive feedback on the update, noting the significant improvements in gameplay smoothness and reliability. This encourages us that the changes will be well-received by the wider Fey-Gate community. If you want to support the future development of Fey-Gate too head on over to our Discord.

In Conclusion

This update represents a significant effort to address the networking challenges within Fey-Gate. While it was a necessary step to ensure the platform's reliability and performance, we see it as just one part of our ongoing commitment to improving the user experience. We're grateful for the patience and support of our community as we've worked through these challenges, and we're excited for you to experience the benefits of these improvements.

Thank you for your continued support of Fey-Gate. Happy gaming!