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Quick Start Guide

Take a look at the included examples and feel free to edit them in the text editor. You can always reload the page to restore the included examples to their default so don't be afraid to break stuff. Here are some short explanations if you need further help check out the tutorial video below. If you still have questions or ideas for improvements and new features head over to Discord and send us a message.

  • The generator uses YAML syntax

  • Use <listname> to select a random value of that list

  • Use <listname.sublistname> to select a random value of a nested list

  • Use [valuename] to select a already generated value in your output

  • If your output contains the "value" key only the that value will be displayed

  • The output supports Markdown syntax

  • Use the value/weight syntax to weight your list elements. Weights have to be whole positive numbers. An element with a weight of 5 is 5 times as likely to be selected than an element with weight 1.