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Fey-Gate is a pioneering Virtual Tabletop (VTT) platform, specifically designed to get out of the way of your tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) experiences. It uniquely integrates a user-friendly map painting tool, allowing both seasoned artists and novices to create and modify battle maps on the fly.



  • A cartographer in thick clothes sitting over a map illuminated by a small lantern in a cold winter night

    Map Creator

    Fey-Gate makes it easy to draw and customize your own maps. With a range of tools at your disposal, you can create shapes, and customize the look and feel of your maps. You can also import pre-made maps as images, allowing you to quickly and easily bring your ideas to life. This means that you can easily create a map on the fly during gameplay, or add new details to an existing map as needed. The infinite map feature allows you to make changes no matter where your players are going, making it easy to adapt to unexpected twists and turns in your game.

  • Screenshot of Fey-Gate showing a bunch of tokens on a dungeon map


    Fey-Gate allows you to use tokens to represent characters, monsters, and other objects on your map. You can customize the tokens with attributes and abilities, and use them to perform actions in the game, such as making attacks with a single click. You can also set conditions and status effects for the tokens, making it easy to track the status of your characters and monsters. In addition, the software includes an HP counter that allows you to track the hit points of characters and monsters. You can use the counter to enter values, add or subtract hit points, and see the current status of your characters and monsters.

  • A bard with a guitar sitting on a stone bench in a courtyard


    Fey-Gate includes a playlist feature that allows you to set the atmosphere for your game with background music. You can choose from a range of pre-made playlists or create your own, and easily control the music for everyone in the game.

  • An impressive library illuminated by lanterns and warm rays of sun coming from a window above

    Local Files

    Fey-Gate utilizes a peer-to-peer networking system and stores all its data on your local hard drive, allowing for smooth performance and reduced lag, even when there are many users using the tool at the same time. This also means that nobody has the ability to control whether the assets you use are copyrighted. This system makes it easy to share user-generated content wherever you choose. You can save your maps and stories to your hard drive and share them for free on platforms like Reddit, sell them in your own shop, or provide them to your patreons.


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