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Markdown Support Added to Free Form Stat-Block

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Markdown Support Added

We are happy to announce that the Free Form stat-block now has Markdown support! This should provide cleaner formatting for the statblocks generated with this feature. Using Free Form stat-blocks allows you to use the multitude of different TTRPGs that are out there. You can even create your own game systems with ease and use Fey-Gate to prototype them.

For those who don't know, or for those wanting a quick summary, Markdown is a lightweight markup language used for easily formatting text in a plain-text editor. What that coding jargon means is that it's easy to read and remember for the user, while providing useful tools to add headers; bullets or indents; bold, italics, or underlines; and much more! For more detail, see the full Markdown cheat sheet.

Additionally, we have added a custom feature of our own, allowing the stat-block to recognize dice notations, highlighting them, and letting you roll right from there!

Freeform Screenshot

Use the green buttons in the bottom left of the stat-block editor to switch to the Free Form editor. Use markdown code like the following to create your character sheets.

# Lyra | Attribute | Value | |---|---| | Cunning | +3 | | Careful | +2 | | Likeable | +1 | **Sharp Shooter:** Make a ranged attack using your *careful* attribute (+2) dealing 1d10+2 piercing damage. **Vanishing Trick:** You use illusion magic to hide in plain sight. Roll a *cunning* (+3) check against the enemies passive perception to hide successfully.