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  • v0.4.0

    (25 Feb 2024)

    • Updates Network-System

    • Improves "frozen" mode

    • Fixes issues with line of sight

    • Different smaller bugfixes

  • v0.3.3 (deprecated)

    (09 Feb 2024)

    • Fixes issues with placing characters after loading a map

    • Fixes issue where characters would not show up in initiative tracker

    • Fixes issue where complex dice notations like 2d6+1d8+3 wouldn't work in D&D actions

    • Fixes issue where fly speed would not trigger the flight height input when it wasn't written in all lower case

    • Fixes issue with character images after loading a map

  • v0.3.2 (deprecated)

    (02 Feb 2024)

    • Allows to move the camera by holding Ctrl+Right mouse button

    • Fixes an issue where the app would crash on zooming out too far

    • Fixes an issue where the line of sight (LoS) would not updated for players after new shapes were drawn

    • Fixes issue where characters would not be able to use LoS

    • Fixes issue where character images would not be save correctly

  • v0.3.1 (deprecated)

    (30 Jan 2024)

    • Fixes an issue with the grid.

    • Makes it so the right mouse button now deselects the currently active tool instead of scrolling the camera (use middle mouse button instead)

  • v0.3.0 (deprecated)

    (28 Jan 2024)

    • Adds support for complex homebrew rules in the shape of the new and improved free-form editor.

    • Greatly improves the handling of player characters

    • UI improvements.

  • v0.2.0 (deprecated)

    (02 Dec 2023)

    • Updates the dice notation system allowing for more complicated rolls like 1d4+3+2d6+1d12+5 to work.

    • Allows different game systems to define what dice to roll when only a +5 or -2 is given.

  • v0.1.0 (deprecated)

    (15 Nov 2023)

    First version of Fey-Gate standalone