A character sheet fading first into a line sketch and then into a fully rendered fantasy artwork of a character

Update: Homebrew Support

Start Creating

This update to Fey-Gate brings great support for homebrew game systems and a bunch of long requested features. It took quite a while to develop but now that it's done we're looking at one of the easiest ways to create, test and modify your homebrew game system in a VTT.

Custom Character Sheets: A Game-Changer for Homebrew Tabletop RPGs

The standout feature in the recent update is the enhanced free-form feature, allowing players to integrate their own character sheets more dynamically. By leveraging Markdown with unique layout options like row or grid blocks, players can now customize their character sheets to their heart's content. This update is a boon, particularly for those engaged in non-D&D5e campaigns, offering unprecedented flexibility and ease of tracking dynamic game statistics like health points (HP) with custom inputs and the possibility to use their values for complex calculations.

You can check out all features in our first fully interactive tutorial map.

Personalized Board Settings: Your Game, Your Way

Responding to community requests, we're introducing board settings that enable players to personalize their gaming environment. Users can now adjust the background and grid colors to suit their preferences, a welcome change for those who favor specific visual themes, such as a darker interface.

Intuitive Camera Control and UI Enhancements

Another significant update is the alteration of camera movement controls. We're transitioning camera control to the middle mouse button (mouse wheel), paving the way for future enhancements involving the right mouse button, including the integration of context menus. This change is part of our ongoing effort to streamline navigation and enhance the overall user interface.

The layer manager's UI has also undergone a redesign, now incorporating context menus for a cleaner and more organized appearance.

Freeze Mode: Focus on the Game

A novel addition to Fey-Gate’s toolkit is the "freeze" mode. This feature allows the Dungeon Master (DM) to lock all players' screens temporarily, preventing them from interacting with the platform. Designed to help refocus players' attention on the DM, this feature is a good solution to managing group dynamics and enhancing engagement during sessions.