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Improved Dice System

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Roll Into Excitement: Fey-Gate's Improved Dice System

Dive into a realm of enhanced gameplay with Fey-Gate's latest update to its dice rolling system. Renowned for its innovative approach to virtual tabletop gaming, Fey-Gate is set to release an update that promises to elevate your gaming experience, making it more intuitive and versatile than ever.

Complex Notations Made Simple

The new update brings a significant improvement to the dice rolling system, allowing for more complex dice notations. Whether it's a blend of multiple dice types or adding various modifiers, the system can handle intricate combinations like "2d6+4+1d12+3" with ease. This enhancement is perfect for scenarios that require a mix of calculations.


Tailored to Your Game

In a move to cater to diverse gaming preferences, Fey-Gate now adapts the default dice depending on the selected game system. Whether you're delving into the dungeons of D&D, navigating the narratives of FATE Accelerated, or embarking on adventures in the unique "Feymon" system, the dice rolls seamlessly align with your game's mechanics.

Intuitive In-Game Interaction

The automatic parsing of dice notations in text will also be improved with this update. Dice roll notations written down by players in abilities and attacks will transform into clickable links. A simple click rolls the appropriate dice, ensuring a swift and efficient progression of the game. This feature is particularly advantageous for characters with complex attack patterns, such as those wielding poisoned weapons, where different damage types can now be combined in a single roll.

As always we're looking forward to your feedback over at our discord server. Happy dice rolling!